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What is a Transit Case?

Posted on | July 2, 2013 | Comments Off on What is a Transit Case?

A transit case is a type of suit case with a hard outer shell that was designed to hold electronic parts and equipment to protect them from risks such as being dropped on the ground or hit by hard objects. As electronic parts and equipment for various applications become more and more sensitive and sophisticated, it becomes necessary to use a transit case to house these systems to keep them safe. You can say that a transit case is a type of suitcase for industrial applications actually, because they look alike from the outside.

Transit Case is designed to hold parts and equipment

Transit Case is designed to hold parts and equipment

The difference though is that a suit case is generally spacious and empty inside while a transit case is fitted with a foam interior that has pre-cut pockets where electronic parts and equipment can snugly fit. The foam interior allows each electronic part or equipment to be cradled so that if something hard hits the outer shell of the case the interior and its contents will be insulated from shock.

There are other features of a transit case that are useful when your electronic parts and equipment are in transit. For instance, the outer shell could have a tough internal skeleton that helps give shape to the case while providing additional protection from impact. The transit case could also have heavy-duty latches that allow you to close the transit case and keep the case securely closed. Some manufacturers make transit cases whose shells are resistant to risks such as fire or water. In addition, using a transit case keeps the electronic parts and equipment free of dust that could hamper their functioning.

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