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SEO for Pligg

Posted on | July 19, 2013 | Comments Off on SEO for Pligg

  1. Create Search Engine friendly URLs
    Goto  Admin   >>   Configure   >>   SEO
    Set URL method = 2 and Friendly URL = true
  2.   Enable Outgoing Links
    Goto Admin   >>   Configure   >>   OutGoing
    Set Enable Outgoing Links = true and Outgoing Links Placement = title
  3. Open Story in new window
    Goto Admin   >>   Configure   >>   Story
    Set Use Story Title as External Line = true and Open Story Link in New Window = true
  4. Download “XML Sitemaps for Pligg” at :   http://patchlog.com/web/xml-sitemaps-for-pligg/
    Extract and upload it into module.
  5. Add Webmaster Tools code and verification
  6. Add Google Analytics Code
    Download pligg.tpl from template directory
    Insert code just ideally before the </head> tag (able to count those quiting before completely loading the website)



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