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Downgrade WordPress

Remove wp-admin and wp-includes folders Copy older version to site except the wp-content folder Login and click “Update WordPress Database Huat Ah! WordPress downgraded!  

Changing the error message in wordpress making it more secure

To tighten security, change the error message when a wrong username or password is entered into wordpress so that it doesn’t hint which is wrong. add_filter(‘login_errors’,’login_error_message’); function login_error_message($error){ //check if that’s the error you are looking for $pos = strpos($error, ‘incorrect’); if ($pos === false) { //its the right error so you can overwrite it […]

How to redirect with .htaccess when there is a %20 space

Redirect 301 “/customforms/Sweden%20form.pdf”   http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Sweden form.pdf”  

Best place to paste the Google analytics code

The best place is at footer.php for dynamic pages or  just before the </body></html> tags for static pages  

SQL: Add one month to a date

SELECT DATE_ADD(‘2008-12-15’, INTERVAL 1 MONTH) Eg. UPDATE jobs_listed Set end_date = Date_Add(datecreated, interval 2 month) Where jobpostingtype = 3 UPDATE jobs_listed Set end_date = Date_Add(datecreated, interval 1 month) Where jobpostingtype = 2 UPDATE jobs_listed Set end_date = Date_Add(datecreated, interval 3 month) Where jobpostingtype = 1

SQL : Copying one column to another in the same table

UPDATE <tablename> SET <destination column name> = <source column name>

Adding .html to permalinks and making it looks like a static pages

For Post:   Set permalink to Custom Structure with   /%category%/%postname%.html For Pages:   Use “.html on PAGES” plugin For Category:   Use “Permalink Trailing Slash Fixer” plugin To avoid trailing slash at pages, change the code in the plugin from: function ppm_fixe_trailingslash($url, $type) { if (‘single’ === $type) return $url;return trailingslashit($url); }To: function ppm_fixe_trailingslash($url, $type) { if (‘single’ […]

Moving OpenCart to another server

Copy all files to the new server. Export the OpenCart database and import it to the new server Edit config.php and admin/config.php

How to set expiry date for WordPress Post

Add following code to the index.php file: Then create a custom field and name it as expiration. Enter date in the format of : yyyy/mm/dd

Layout problem on iPad

When your graphic doesn’t span the entire width of the page: 1. Check the max width used in that page. 2. When width is set to 100%, problem may arise with viewport of iPad as viewport may define your header width to be 100% and zoom in or out accordingly. 3. This will cause some […]

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