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Websites in Singapore that are highly effective and visually appealing

Web Design ~ Government grant under PIC Credit & Bonus Scheme

Government is subsidizing businesses to build their website and web application in order to help defray costs and encourages businesses to increase productivity and capability. We have designed promotional PIC packages to help businesses to build or revamp their websites. Following are our latest promotional flyer. We provide full consultation and assistance to help you […]

SEO for Pligg

Create Search Engine friendly URLs Goto  Admin   >>   Configure   >>   SEO Set URL method = 2 and Friendly URL = true   Enable Outgoing Links Goto Admin   >>   Configure   >>   OutGoing Set Enable Outgoing Links = true and Outgoing Links Placement = title Open Story in new window Goto Admin   >>   Configure   […]

Downloading Flash Site

Using Firefox: Go to Tools  >>  Page Info Click on ‘Media’ tab Select the address with a .swf extension Click on the “Save As” button Saved

Saving Flash (swf) with Firefox

Go to options  >>  Applications Select to “SWF Movie” at “Content Type” Select “Save File” for “Action” Enter URL including the file name at your Firefox browser

Moving cPanel from one server to another

At the new server, go to WHM to create an account for the website At the old server, ~ Goto cPanel  >>  Backup (Not Backup Wizard)  >>  Generate/Download a Full Backup ~ Select backup destination to Remote FTP Server ~ Enter your own email for verification ~ Enter domain name, user and password of new […]

Stop spam in wordpress

To stop spam in comment. Install a catcha plugin. To stop spam in new posts, goto >> settings >> discussion >> uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks”. To stop spam in pingback on the old posts, go to your database and update the “ping_status” of the wp_posts table to “closed”   ~ […]

Convert Paragraph into line-break in MS Word

Press Ctrl-F Select “Replace” Click “More” Place cursor at “Find what:” Click “Special” and Select “Paragraph Mark” Place cursor at “Replace with:” Click “Special” and Select “Manual Line Break” Click “Replace All”

Remove empty lines from MS Word

Press Ctrl-F Click “Replace” Click “More” Click “Special” Tick “Manual Line Break”

Adding custom field to column in wordpress admin

Use Codepress Admin Columns plugin

Build your eCommerce Website and start Selling and receiving payment online

We have just announced that we will give a free ipad (10 sets) only for our customers whom we build eCommerce Website. Offer is valid from now till  31 May 2013. Check us out at http://www.81billion.com/ecommerce81/

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