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Websites in Singapore that are highly effective and visually appealing

SEO for Pligg

Create Search Engine friendly URLs Goto  Admin   >>   Configure   >>   SEO Set URL method = 2 and Friendly URL = true   Enable Outgoing Links Goto Admin   >>   Configure   >>   OutGoing Set Enable Outgoing Links = true and Outgoing Links Placement = title Open Story in new window Goto Admin   >>   Configure   […]

Best practice on naming your domain

These tips on naming your domain to help up in your SEO efforts Avoid hyphens Avoid top level domains such as .info, .cc,  .ws and .name Avoid too long a domain name to avoid typing error Make your domain easy to remember Include keyword in your domain if possible Use subfolder rather than subdomains

Conducting a site audit

Helpful Tools for doing a site audit: Web Developer Toolbar User Agent Add-on Link Checker Firebug SEObook Toolbar SEOmoz Toolbar Xenu Screaming Frog Recommended but it’s only free for the first 500 URLs and $99 per year after that. Your own scraper Free but designed to find broken links mainly

Press Release

Press Release can be use to compliment your online marketing strategy. However, press release should not be used and written to glorified your products or services. It should be written in the perspective of a third-person  subtly with associated link to your website, email or phone number for more information, clarification or contact. Your most […]


    This is an area on your website where you can add text. This will serve as an informative location on your website, where you can talk about your site.

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